Bringing yoga to you, and you to yoga.

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Why yoga?

The experience of yoga is personal to everyone, everyone seeks it out for different reasons, benefits from it in different ways, takes from it different things. As your instructor, I am only here to guide you through postures and clear the pathways so that you will be able to receive all that it can offer. I know one thing for sure: a steady yoga practice will improve your quality of life. Period.

Yoga in your home

Making it easy and convenient for you to practice, I can come to your house when it's best for you. Ideal for partners, spouses, housemates or even if you want to invite the neighbors. All you need is a space big enough for you and your mat, and enough headroom to spread your fingers wide when you reach overhead. Private lessons are incredible. Don't underestimate the power of personalized attention.

Yoga at your office

Getting to the gym, changing, getting the class in and then dashing back is far from relaxing. Yoga is supposed to de-stress, not add more! I can come to your office and lead you and your colleagues in a warm and stress-free hour (or 1.5hr) of yoga bliss. You will go back to work refreshed, recharged. Deadlines suddenly don't seem so daunting. Clearing the conference room, cafeteria or even an empty office all work well depending on the number of students. 2 x week, 1 x week or 2 x month - whatever you choose.

Yoga at the studio

You can also join me at CorePower Yoga in Berkeley, Anasa Yoga in Oakland, and at The Dailey Method in Berkeley and Piedmont. Click here for details.

Once a week, Heather comes to Kala to guide the staff through an hour of yoga practice. What a transformation!
We leave feeling stronger, calmer, and ready to work.
                                                                                      ~ Ellen Lake, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley